Parenting Conference 2017

Parenting Conference 2017


Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents in the quest for practical tips and guaranteed formulas.

Based on his award-winning and best-selling book, Parenting, Paul Tripp will be speaking live via video simulcast to moms and dads around the world. In this encouraging and refreshing conference, Paul Tripp will offer much more than a to-do list. Instead, he will present us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents.

In four sessions, Paul Tripp will be discussing:

How parenting is ambassadorial work from beginning to end, not to be shaped and directed by personal interest, personal need, or cultural perspectives.
How your children need God’s law, but you cannot ask the law to do what only grace can accomplish.
How recognizing what you are unable to do is essential to good parenting.
And how God never calls you to a task without giving you what you need to do it.
But this conference is not solely for parents – grandparents, youth ministry leaders, and anyone who knows and loves a parent should attend to be encouraged and equipped with this life-changing gospel message!

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